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When it comes to marketing your law firm online then getting the basics right is absolutely fundamental to the process. We have healthy experience in effectively marketing legal firms on the internet through successful SEO campaigns and web based marketing techniques. Some of our clients have switched over to us from other web marketers and the problems that they have faced are well documented. Extortionate leaving fee’s in order to switch web marketing companies, taking days and even weeks in some cases to fix straightforward issues with the company website, continually pushing new products or services on you that you do not even need or even directly helping your competitors against you; the list goes on and on. As a side-note, all clients first ask us the following question: Do all lawyers need a website? Our answer is always : No, all lawyers need a GOOD web site, or better yet a good web presence. Sadly, most do not have either. They put up poor web sites, let them lapse, set no goals, then expect to raise their reputation and bring in clients as their only web presence. That simply will not happen. Networking / marketing in the real world takes effort, the same is true for the online world.

What we can offer as a company will set your mind at ease in regards to knowing that your firm is in the right web marketer’s hands. What we guarantee with our SEO for law firms service is:



SEO is something that is being used by almost all companies on the internet these days and, as such, there needs to be enough SEO marketers to account for this demand. This leads to a multitude of web marketing companies being set up with some much more focused on quantity rather than quality. Our company has been providing SEO services for many long term clients and our experience over the years is testament to the fact that we provide a credible service. The amount of internet businesses that fail every year is astounding however only the best and most trustworthy, like ours, will remain in the long run.



As we have mentioned, a lot of new start up web marketing firms only care about the quantity of work and therefore often take on two competing firms as clients. This is a clear conflict of interest and with our company this will never be on the cards. Our team of dedicated SEO experts will ensure that your legal firm has the best web presence in the area and we don’t work with companies that are in direct competition with you. Why should you pay a fee to a company that is directly assisting a firm that you are competing against? With our SEO Company you will be the only firm in your practice area that we will work with regardless of how big or small your business is.



Our history as a web marketing company for legal businesses is well documented and we have worked for some of the biggest brands in the market. This has included providing services for law firms that work in family law, debt and bankruptcy disputes, personal injury claims,truck accidents,aviation accidents,medical birth defects, wills and estates in addition to many other areas of the law that are relevant to our clients. It doesn’t matter what legal area your firm works in or what geographical location(s) your offices are found at, we can provide a service that will see you climb the rankings on major search engines in addition to creating a lasting and authoritative web presence. Our work here doesn’t just concern SEO for search engines and as a web marketing company we have contributed to raising a company’s profile via blogs, conferences and sought testimonials from past and current clients.

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Inventive Marketing

While many of the tried and tested techniques for marketing law firms still work, we as a company are always on the lookout for innovative ways in which we can expand our service to you. This includes raising your social profiles to gain maximum exposure in addition to other social media outlets, tailoring your website and content to comply with Google’s Panda, Penguin and Exact match changes in recent years and also having an active blogging presence to ensure that you are in touch with your sector and its changes. Marketing online is changing rapidly and without the kind of help that we can provide you with then it is possible to get left behind online.

Law Firm SEO

Why Choose for Your Website?

Here are just a few of the features that clients of receive when using us for your website design:
    • Local SEO & Marketing

      While many legal firms want a statewide or even nationwide reputation, first and foremost is your local SEO. Keeping your company ahead of your local competitors and ranking high on search engines and local search facilities is our main aim.

    • Content Management

      We have a CMS (Content Management System) that will effortlessly incorporate new files, page updates or multimedia in your existing website without any fuss.

    • Call Tracking & Reporting

      Most people find a phone number online these days so we track how many calls come from the site with statistics and reports to maximize effect.

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Divide et Impera – Satellite Websites

I am sure you have heard of the Latin quote : “Divide Et Impera”. We have found use of this quote in our SEO work. While performing SEO for main pages of our Law firm clients or Lawyers websites, we build the so called satellite sites which are developed in one niche and very well targeted. For example if your practice areas are : Aviation accidents and personal injury, we build 2 separate sites for these areas which will be popular in their niche and they will promote your law firm website. The main idea is to dominate multiple niches one by one than dominating them all-in-one.

SEO for Law Firms and Lawyers

We work primarily with legal firms to ensure that you can focus fully on your own work leaving your website and your online reputation and performance safely in our hands.
Many legal business websites are, quite frankly, boring and uninteresting however our company can reenergize this for you and ensure that the front face of your web marketing profile is as innovative as any website out there with good SEO to ensure you are one of the first companies people see when searching for legal representation in your area.

Law Firm SEO

You are the lawyer and you do a great job. Leave the marketing and SEO on us! We specialize in law firm and attorney SEO and we succeeded in this domain since 2000. We have worked with established law firms and solo-attorneys from all over the country to improve their Google/Bing/Yahoo rankings and to help them generate more leads and cases.

SEO For Law Firms

The words cannot describe how much you need web presence for your law firm’s website.
Why put the reputation and the future of your legal firm in jeopardy by delaying what is an inevitable move to increase and consolidate your web presence? Successful law firms have a solid online reputation with excellent SEO and social media profiles. Contact Us today and ensure that you’ll lead the competition.